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The Market For Urban Art

October • 2021

Collections start in all sorts of ways and as one of the top five independent Chartered Insurance Brokers in the country, we are frequently asked to organise cover for art collections, both large and small.

Whatever our clients choose to invest in they need to keep up-to-date with its value. As Urban Art has become such a force in the art market, we spoke to Danny Herbert of Tate Ward Auctions London about Banksy’s work and how, after a 300 per cent rise, prices are now consolidating.


If you have invested or are planning to invest in a Banksy then be certain to insure your artwork and get regular valuations because this genre of art is gaining force. Further, as with any artwork, the provenance is important, so retain the Certificate of Authentication and invoices for effective record-
keeping. This is an essential part of building a collection as well as buying from reputable sources. Doing due diligence is also a must.


To speak to us about insuring your art collection please request a call back or call us on 020 8256 4901.