Benedetta Verga Falzacappa

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Our history starts from far away, our ancient vineyards starts with the Minucci family dating back to the end of the twelfth century. The ancient and noble Minucci family owned the lands of Vallonto where the current vineyards of Benedetta Verga Falzacappa find place.

It is said that Archbishop Minuccio Minucci who had his residence in Serravalle, today Vittorio Veneto, with possessions in Vallonto, has brought his renowned wines to the Council of Trento.

In 1849 the last descendent of the Minucci family sold the possessions in Vallonto to the wealthy merchant Giuseppe De Carlo of Calalzo.

The last descendant of De Carlo, Camilla, married to Antonio Verga Falzacappa, has continued the tradition of making a good wine obtaining high quality awards, up to the 80s.

My mother, Camilla De Carlo, an intelligent and sensitive woman, continued the family tradition, bringing out the past and the present in wine.

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