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Recreational hovercraft are a new and exciting opportunity for some serious fun, brought to you by the British Hovercraft Company. Unlike any vehicle you’ve driven before they travel over land or water, sand, snow, mudflats and ice at speeds up to 40mph. Easy to drive – but tricky to master, they steer rather like a rally car, with lots of tail sliding, sideways action! Hand built in the UK from a fiberglass hull, and using reliable commercial-spec 1-litre engines, the BHC Marlin is a quiet, economical machine which floats like a boat if you stop on the water. They are categorised as a  boat, so you need no license to drive one in the UK, but training is included in all sales. As Jeremy Clarkson once said “Hovercraft are the most fun you can have with an engine!” To find out more, come along to the BHC stand and chat to one of our team.

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