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The BWPA exists to inspire and support women in all areas of aviation and all types of flying, including fixed wing, rotary, gliding, microlights and ballooning.

Members of the BWPA are involved in all areas of aviation, including commercial flying, recreational flying, instructing, air traffic control and engineering. Members are of all ages, experiences and backgrounds, but share a common passion.

Formed in 1955, the BWPA came into being ten years after World War II Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) women pilots had been thanked for their services to their country. This was a time when women were allowed to work, but only in jobs deemed appropriate for the fairer sex, and they were expected to give up work to look after home and husband upon marriage.

Today, there continue to be only 5-6% females flying professionally in the UK and worldwide, and similar percentages in general aviation. Much of this is due to lack of information and opportunity, so we aim to raise awareness and aspirations.

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