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We offer:

Energetic artwork: pieces created for your unique energetic blueprint. These range from symbols to Life Pieces you will be able to work with and enjoy your entire life.

Transformational energetic experiences and openings: each one of our facilitators has unique gifts honed over years and decades of experience. The experiences will be chosen with you and tailored to what you need.


Reading and activations: Our world-class vedic astrologer, channel and guide will take you on a journey of self-discovery of incredible depth and accuracy in all areas of your life and work.

Body and health: There are gifted practitioners who can unlock energy, health, wellbeing through movement, epigenetics, and mentorship.

Wealth creation and business: Discover how to make your businesses the perfect vehicle for your own becoming and growth, increasing wealth and creativity in service to the world. This is not like any business work you may have experienced. Streamed intelligence, clearing and moving energies between your businesses, you and your clients so each one of you can flourish.

Land, property, homes, real estate: Have our facilitator work with you to create a powerful partnership with your properties. Whether you simply want to feel more at home, or whether you want more occupancy for your holdings, or achieve the asking price for your assets. This will shift not only the results, but how you think and feel about your land and properties.

The containers for these paths of discovery range from a few weeks to one year.

Each one is a bespoke creation for you.


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