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Hemmels creates the world’s finest Mercedes-Benz SL series restorations for those who demand perfection.

Whether it’s the iconic 300SL Gullwing or Roadster, the sporty 190SL or stunning 280SL Pagoda, each car is taken back to its bare metal beginnings. Every component is painstakingly returned to original factory specification – or beyond.

Backed by a full 12 month warranty, it will take over 3,000 hours of labour, love and nurture to deliver your perfect classic car.

Choose your paint finish, leather colours and options. Our team of over 40 skilled craftsmen will then complete a full chassis-off restoration in a purpose-built facility like no other in the world.

Your Hemmels classic Mercedes-Benz is not just restored. It is reborn.

The Mercedes-Benz SL series of motor cars has captivated connoisseurs for generation after generation. A harmony of engineering and elegance that has been an inspiration for more than half a century.

Now you can own a better-than-new example hand-crafted exactly as you dreamed.

Welcome to Hemmels.


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