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The United Kingdom is an international leader in the field of digital broadcasting. Since the very first moments of its existence Matryoshka radio has been broadcasting its programmes  in the digital DAB format: this way it allows for the maximum audience coverage and also guarantees high-quality radio signal transmission.  The radio is a registered, licensed broadcasting station in the UK, and is regulated by OFCOM (the Office of Communications), known for supervising and licensing TV and radio companies in the UK). Moreover, the radio has developed, designed and uploaded its own free app which can be downloaded from the radio website. Due to this simple fact Matryoshka Radio is accessible all over the world, not just only in the UK but also in Israel, the USA, Australia and most European countries, such  as France, Germany, Belgium, Austria. The IP addresses of users listening to the radio on the website are scattered across the whole globe. Talking generally about the website statistics  with reference to our free app for iPads and smartphones, the radio has over 5 million connections to the broadcasting channel per annum.

On air:

The round-the-clock broadcasting Matryoshka Radio air time is shared between Brit pop (30% of the air time) and Russian pop hits (70 % of the air time) of the 1990s-early 2000s. The music gets added to the radio playlist only when it fits the radio format, its style and mood. The station deliberately does not cover politics or pursue any political agendas. Owing to its unique programming format, the station’s playlist cannot be mistaken for any other. Universally loved musical hits alternate with short snippets of information and entertainment programmes (lifestyle, fashion, reviews of London events, cinema, travel etc.) whose content flexibly adjusts to a particular time of the year, season, holiday or vacation period, or term times, if students or school children are concerned. The station relies on unique sets of know-how for informative coverage and commercial projects. Apparently, these methods secure the audience’s loyalty towards the station and increase the station’s own appeal for commercial partnerships.

Commercial model:

At the heart of the Matryoshka Radio advertising model lies the increasing integration of the Russian-speaking audience with trade, businesses and services. We make our profits on the sale of advertising air time. It is also of paramount importance that an increasing number of Russian and British companies are interested in promoting their products and services among the Russian speakers residing in the UK. In the list of our clients are major real estate agencies, highly reputed legal companies, medical clinics, concierge services, grocery stores, restaurants and many others. We also support all major and important concerts, theatre performances and cultural events featuring Russian- speaking performers in the UK.  We provide our customers with more than just an advertising space on air: for them we produce tailor-made  creative advertising reels (our team develops an audio-branding for the advertised company). For each client advertised on Matryoshka Radio we compose their own unique melody  (we do not cooperate with any ready-made libraries relying exclusively on our in-house talents) and then step by step develop a carefully worded  advertising campaign, in which our clients may also take part if they wish to give us any special guidance on how they expect the reels to come across. Sometimes we can release advertising reels within as short time as a day —  yes, we have the flexibility and dedication that no other advertising service or radio station can boast of.

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