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We have always loved hosting wine tastings. The thrill of putting a new wine in front of people and seeing their reactions is incredible.

Jamie and Alex had just opened the doors to their new winery and tasting room in Tring and hosted their first wine tastings when COVID-19 hit. We had bookings due for more tastings in the winery, but couldn’t let people in. Quickly, we realised that we could do still do the events for all our customers, even though they were trapped at home, by re-bottling the wine into tiny bottles.

But rebottling is difficult as the small bottles didn’t work with our winery equipment. We couldn’t keep the quality of the wines for long enough to ship them around the country, as oxygen got in during the rebottling process. Postage was difficult, expensive and carbon-intensive because of the weight. The glass bottles were even sometimes arriving broken or too late for the tasting.


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