The ultimate track day F1 car: available now


Cranfield Simulation and Heritage partner to provide the ultimate F1 experience at the upcoming, Elite London event

Heritage, Europe’s largest supplier of F1 cars to the private market, and Cranfield Simulation have combined their 30 years’ industry experience to bring you the ultimate running F1 car and simulator training packages available anywhere in the world.

At The Elite London they will have one of their F1 cars and simulators on the stand to demonstrate the driving experience and feel of what it’s like to be an F1 Driver.

Launched in 2019, this is an exclusive opportunity to acquire your own personally-branded, running F1 car which can be used for track days, promotional & content creation opportunities. Utilising their decades of engineering expertise, Heritage have developed their own unique engine and drivetrain solution to retrofit into a modern era (2010 onwards) F1 car chassis to create the ultimate supercar.

Most F1 cars are not able to be driven due to the complicated nature of their rare technical component parts and the large technical team of experts required to run them. Heritage have solved this problem by creating a car which retains the original look, feel, performance and sound of the original turbo F1 car, but with unrivalled reliability and requiring only two engineers to run the car itself.

Buyers will also gain access to Fastest Club: the most exclusive F1 owners club which offers unrivalled access to drive on track during a selection of F1 GP race weekends, as well as other exclusive events around the world.

Not sure you have the skill to drive one? Not a problem. The package also includes an advanced ‘G-cueing’ motion simulator by Cranfield Simulation. Having supplied motion technology to 21 Armed Forces across the globe for fast jet simulators including F-18, Typhoon and Tornado as well as motorsport simulator systems to F1 and Nascar teams, Cranfield Simulation are the world leaders in their field. Each simulator provided as part of the package is made to be as close to your own car as possible.

Using real data, the simulation software and motion hardware reacts in the same way as real life, so you will know exactly what to expect when you step into the real car. You will be able to train for as many hours as necessary to prepare you both physically and mentally, and with customised physical training and nutrition plan options also available in the package you’ll be leading the life of a modern F1 driver in no time. (Champagne optional!)

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