Time to Escape with ESCAPETIME!



ESCAPETIME can comfortably fly you to Cannes in under two and a half hours.

Non-Stop to Malaga takes three and three quaters and Athens is just over five.

However, breaks can be scheduled in for your comfort. Our fleet of Piper M600s are large enough to fly two passengers plus luggage to destinations throughout the UK and Europe whilst they remain over two metres away from the pilot.

So the villa / chateau / yacht isn’t as unreachable as you might think!

Contact ESCAPETIME for full details.

We’re ready for when your’re ready.

ESCAPETIME – Exclusive Travel Solutions for the UK and Europe.

Contact usĀ for full details:

Tel: +44(0)1494 556 925
E: Discover@BEAplc.com

W: BEAplc.com

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