Golf Equipment Store

ARGOLF was founded in 2010 as a result of a meeting between two aeronautical industrialists, Olivier and Sébastien Colas, and a golf professional, Emmanuel Carlier. Olivier Colas, Sébastien Colas, and Sonia Colas, the commercial director of ARGOLF, made the decision that the company’s product would be made in France. ARGOLF has always been produced in the heart of Brittany, in Pleslin-Trigavou, in Côtes d’Armor. In tribute to this region that has such a strong identity, they named their range of products after the Arthurian legend. The mallet collection, MORGANE, UTHER, PENDRAGON, and MORDRED (the latest addition); the half mallet collection, PERCEVAL, AVALON, and the GRAAL; and finally, the blade collection, LANCELOT, ARTHUR, ARTHUR LT, ARTHUR 2.0, MERLIN, and EXCALIBUR, are all part of ARGOLF’s collection of putters. When it comes to irons and wedges, ARGOLF offers the AR-F15 and AR-F18 as cavity back irons and the AR-F18 as forged wedges. ARGOLF is sold in a number of retail outlets, throughout France, on Mauritius, in South Africa, and throughout North America (their number one market today).