SpaceCraft MFG

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Luxury Custom Built Trailer

Space Craft has been in business since 1962. In 1970, Space Craft began custom building 5th wheel trailers. The carnival and circus industries had a need for larger two bedroom trailers. Space Craft filled that need. Present day, the carnival and circus industries are still the leading clientele for Space Craft. This is a wonderful testimony for the longevity, reliability and durability of the Space Craft trailer.

Space Craft also builds for retirees and those who travel for business along with the motion picture industry, the Government and the horse and racing industries.
Space Craft owns the patent for the original electronic slide-out room. We still use the same basic concept and have a great reputation for water tight slide-out rooms.
Make Space Craft your choice of a custom built quality trailer!

Each Space Craft is custom built to YOUR specifications. Have you ever commented, “If I could take the kitchen from this model, the living room from this one and the bedroom from this model.”? With Space Craft, you can do just that. Space Craft has thousands of floor plans that you may use as a starting point. Feel free to “cut and paste” or we will start with a blank piece of paper and design a floor plan that meets YOUR needs and lifestyle.

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