High end luxury spirit

One-of-a-kind product within high-end luxury spirits market niche

”By far RADUGA is more advanced than any other vodka bottle with its technology solutions and marketing approach to its target audience. It is a high-end luxury product with built in lighting and sound effects as well as specially developed multi-filter that makes it the healthiest vodka in the world.

Each bottle is complete with a nanosorbent-based filter that is 300 times more effective than any regular water purifier. It is made of activated carbon fibers and 5-micron membrane filter, what doesn’t just purify RADUGA’s liquid content, but structures its molecular composition and brings vodka “alive”!

RADUGA meets the highest demand with its taste, aroma and overall quality. It is a product for those who appreciate all things sophisticated and enjoy a good shot of premium vodka with a bit of fun. ”

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