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Arkonik unveil their 150th build, AÑEJO, the milestone truck with an eye-catching bespoke Ruskin Inside interior.


Arkonik’s latest build is a milestone in many ways: their 150th truck, an exercise in creative expression and the epitome or their bespoke service.

From the Sky Blue body to the colourful Mexican blanker bespoke Ruskin Inside™ interior, this truck radiates vitality and joviality.

Join the celebration and experience this remarkable Defender firsthand – the Arkonik team will be showcasing Añejo at The Muddy Chef Challenge in Manchester, Vermont, 27-30 July 2017. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to get behind the wheel and learn more about these beautiful, hand-crafted Land Rovers.

Each Arkonik bespoke build is an evolution, all stemming from the idea in their client’s mind, however broad or vivid. In the case of Añejo, Arkonik were immersed in inspiration and their ream reveled in turning vision boards into the Defenfer you see today.

The name Añejo meaning aged in Spanish, not only builds on the Latin American influence but also plays a fitting tribute to their restoration process. Although it is hard to believe when looking at the pristine Defenders that leave the warehouse, each vehicle that receives the Arkonik treatment will be of a 15-25 year old vintage depending on its destination.

For more information on The Muddy Chef Challenge or to register please visit

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