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Kodiak – The Luxury SUV with Wings


Experience one of the most versatile aircraft at New York’s only jet-set lifestyle event!

With unmatched safety, performance and versatility, the ultra-modern Quest Kodiak has become the bridge between helicopters and business jets for those passionate about their flying experience.

Escape the workweek and escape the traffic — fly from the city to your weekend getaway. This versatile STOL turboprop has become the safe, versatile, and efficient choice for medium range travel.

The Kodiak 100 was originally created for serious back country duty. Today, the Kodiak is only plane in its class that delivers the most up-to-date engineering and avionics in a versatile, cost-effective platform. The Kodiak is equally at home on an unimproved back country strip or at city airport. This plane does it all.

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