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Miguel Caballero with MC Armor joins as a first time Exhibitor


Bullet resistant fashionable clothing

Miguel Caballero with MC Armor it’s a company that knows that style and protection is possible through beautiful designs that can defeat bullets with the lighter and flexible technology making this outfits very discreet, our products are named in tv shows and movies as the Armani of the bulletproof or the bulletproof Taylor.


Now days, 13 presidents in Latin America wear the Armor T-Shirt the red dot awarded shirt with only 900 grams, that protects against 9 mm ammo, .38. guns like uzi or mp5.
On this list are included business owners, senators and celebrities, who guarantee discretion and comfort.











This technology has inspired mass media around the world to focus on Miguel Caballero. That´s the case of Discovery Channel that launched the documentaries ‘Secrets of a second skin ‘and’ Extreme security.

With an annual investment of the 31% from the profits on investigation and development, Miguel Caballero has positioned its products for success. Its most wanted creations are from ‘Black’, a discreet line that doesn´t forget the style in fashion.



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