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Pool Table Maker to the Stars to Display Custom Designs


Blatt Billiards ‘the finest custom handcrafted pool table maker in the world’ joins The Elite New York     

Blatt Billiards joins ‘the luxury brand showcase’ at New York’s only jet-set lifestyle event, launching this September at Essex County Airport, NJ. Enjoy a host of luxury products and experiences at one unique private venue at The Elite New York.

Established in 1923, Blatt Billiards’ mission is to provide our clients the old-world billiards pastime experience with superb quality and pride. We do this by virtue of our three core principles: superior hand craftsmanship, extraordinary customer service and our attention to billiard industry traditions.

Handcrafted is a term too vaguely used today. Blatt Billiards dismisses all mass construction shortcuts in favor of time-tested hand manual techniques that yield, individual works of art. Here, we continue to handcraft custom pool tables the way they were crafted over a century ago. It is our willingness to take the necessary time that makes Blatt Billiards tables the finest pool tables in the world.

In 2014, Blatt Billiards upgraded to new locations. The New York City showroom moved to 330 West 38th Street. Our new state-of-the-art workshop in Wood-Ridge, NJ enables Blatt Billiards to create its treasures more efficiently, using the same time-honored techniques. Our workshop also houses our collection of nearly 3,000 Antique, Contemporary and Traditional pool tables.

As a family owned business spanning 3 generations, we would love to give you a tour of our facilities, to demonstrate our philosophies. Please call us at 1-800-252-8855 with questions or feedback.

Blatt Billiards – ‘How its Made’

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